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Video have been published more than 60 days and belong to one of the following tags: gtube, hot fuck, handsome boys, cute boy... will only be viewed with premium accounts ($2.5/month).

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: bonus 25% for every transaction

When you add funds at any time, your account will receive an additional 25% points after deducting fees.
Applicable period from 11/22/2023 to 12/02/2023

Update benefit for premium user and FAQ-TOS

From 2023/05/14, gold membership can watch video without advertisement.

- Do not refund for Paypal not verified.
- Add 50% fee for payment with Paypal not verified.
Example: You send $10 for 3 months gold membership -> Your account only get 45 days after minus 50% fee

Merry Christmas and Happy new year (2023): Discount 30%

- Event start from 2022/12/01 to 2023/01/02
* Note:
+ Your Paypal must be verified
+ Read TOS before send

Big update 2022/08: new membership, download video...

Because of the financial problem after our Paypal is limited due to account upgrade transactions, we will make tweaks to attract users to upgrade their accounts.
- Classify membership to watch videos.
- Gold membership can download up to 50 videos a month.
- Add link shortener and popup ads with premium video receiving ad page.
* Existing premimum accounts will be converted to Gold membership.
* For any transaction please contact [email protected] and we will respond to our Paypal account.

Discount premium from 2022/04/30 to 2022/05/27

Welcome summer with great promotions
- 25% off for upgrade packages from 6 months or more
- Enhance content for videos under category Chinese
- Remove plan 1 week because high fee when paying via Paypal

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