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Video have been published more than 60 days and belong to one of the following tags: gtube, hot fuck, handsome boys, cute boy... will only be viewed with premium accounts ($2.5/month).

Merry Christmas and Happy new year (2023): Discount 30%

- Event start from 2022/12/01 to 2023/01/02
* Note:
+ Your Paypal must be verified
+ Read TOS before send

Big update 2022/08: new membership, download video...

Because of the financial problem after our Paypal is limited due to account upgrade transactions, we will make tweaks to attract users to upgrade their accounts.
- Classify membership to watch videos.
- Gold membership can download up to 50 videos a month.
- Add link shortener and popup ads with premium video receiving ad page.
* Existing premimum accounts will be converted to Gold membership.
* For any transaction please contact [email protected] and we will respond to our Paypal account.

Discount premium from 2022/04/30 to 2022/05/27

Welcome summer with great promotions
- 25% off for upgrade packages from 6 months or more
- Enhance content for videos under category Chinese
- Remove plan 1 week because high fee when paying via Paypal

Merry Christmas and Happy new year: Upgrade 1 extend 1 (Extend)

- Event start from 2021/12/20 to 2022/01/07- Example: upgrade 1 month -> Bonus 1 month- Only send without fee

Big update (21/08): new package upgrade premium, battle pass, private video, watch to earn...

- Currently, we officially stop using shoppy intermediaries - you can upgrade your account directly on the website.
- Update packages for 3 days ($0.5), 1 week ($1.2), 2 years and 10 years. Please read TOS carefully before making payment.
- Battle pass: Every month based on the amount of account upgrade, there will be rewards for the accounts:
+ Total amount greater than $50: 20% increase in upgrade days or 10% points.
+ Total amount greater than $100: 50% increase in upgrade days or 30% points.
+ Total amount greater than $200: 100% increase in upgrade days or 60% points.
- Private video: we updated the privacy video policy for upgraded accounts. Videos belonging to onlyfan, justforfan... those equipped with DCMA scenes will be considered private videos. Only premium accounts can be seen on listings and watching videos.
- Watch to earn: When you log into your account, each video is watched for more than 2 minutes with ads, the account will receive 5 points (maximum 5 videos a day).

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