Because we spend a lot of money to maintain the system every month so we have to advertise.
You can upgrade your account to not show ads.
Because video hosting is required to see at least 1 ad so we can't interfere .
Please follow these steps:
1. Turn off VPN
2. Disable adblock extension

Terms of service.

We are happy to receive your support by upgrading your account. However, some users use it to damage reputation so we update the terms of service for all members.
By agreeing to pay, you have understood the terms:
- You have checked and can view the videos on the system: watch the free videos or the paypal video tutorial to test it.
- When paying via paypal, make a deposit with no transaction fees. Send as gift or for family, friends. Any transaction with a fee will be deducted from the account upgrade days. (Applicable after canceling payment via shoppy.gg)
- Your paypal account must be verified.
- The amount paid will not be refunded under any circumstances. Please buy the lowest package to experience before paying for the higher packages.
- Do not share accounts (including free accounts) with others. The person it shares with can do the fraud and will affect you.